Health Savings Account Rules


2011 HSA Eligible OTC Products

The rules changed in 2011 regarding the ability to use Health Savings Account (HSA) funds to purchase Over The Counter (OTC) products.  Effective January 1, 2011 you will need to obtain a prescription from a physician in order to use HSA funds to pay for these OTC products.


(This is not necessarily a complete list of Health Savings Account eligible OTC Products)

Acid controllers
Allergy medications & antihistamines
Allergy & sinus medicine
Antacid medications
Anti-diarrheal products
Anti-gas products
Anti-itch & insect bite
Anti-parasitic treatments
Antibiotic ointments/products
Baby rash ointments/creams
Cold sore remedies
Cough, cold & flu medications
Digestive aids
Feminine anti-fungal/anti-itch
Hemorrhoidal preps
Motion sickness products
Pain relief medications
Respiratory treatments
Sleep aids & sedatives
Stomach remedies
Wart remover treatments

Prescription Drugs were not affected by these changes in HSA Eligibility Rules so all prescrition drugs are eligible to be paid for with Health Savings Account Funds.


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