Health Savings Account Rules



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Chase HSA
Chase HSA


0.50%  - Rate as of 2/2010 - Subject to change

FDIC Insured 
(Funds in Interest-bearing Account)
Securities Investment Options
(Brokerage Account)
Options: Choose from a wide range of no-load mutual funds.
Threshold: Invest in mutual funds when your cash balance reaches $2,000. Once the investment account is opened, no minimum amount required.
Set Up Fee: $0
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $2.50
Closing Fee: $0
Brokerage Account Fee: $2.50 monthly
Investment Transaction: $0.00 for online trading; $10 for trades by phone
Checks: $10.65 per checkbook (25 checks)
Debit Cards: Replacement Cards: $2.50 for each additional card; no charge for first two debit cards.
Other Fees: See fee schedule in enrollment documents
Auto Reimbursement Use your debit card for reimbursement at the ATM or create a bank transfer from your HSA.
Balance Requirements $20 account opening minimum
Statements/Reporting Monthly online statements (optional paper statements for a fee). Investment account quarterly statements. Tax reporting statements send annually.

This information is for illustration purposes only and was valid as of 2/18/2010.  Please contact the Chase HSA plan administrator directly for current details as they do change frequently.