Health Savings Account Rules


HSA Rules & Contribution Limits For 2013

Each year at the beginning of May the IRS releases the HSA Contribution Limits for the coming year.  These rules go into affect January 1, 2013.  There will a slightly larger increase in 2013 for both individuals and families than the small increases of 2012.

The new contribution limits for Individual HSA Plans will be $3250 which is a $150 increase from 2012 levels.

For Family Plans the new HSA contribution limits will be $6450 or a $200 increase over 2013 levels. 

The HSA Catch Up Provisions for plan owners age 55 or over remains unchanged at $1000.  This means that if the owner has an individual plan they can contribute a maximum of $4250 or $7450 if they are the owner of a family plan.


In addition to the increases in contribution limits there will also be an increase in the minimum deductible needed on the high deductible insurance plan (hdhp) that qualifies for use with an HSA.

Beginning Jan 1, 2013 the minimum qualifying deductible for an individual (self-only coverage) plan will be $1250 which is an increase from the current $1200.  The deductible requirement on Family plans will rise to $2500 from the current $2400.

The maximum out of pocket expense for individuals goes from $5950 to $6250 while the maximum for a family increases from $11,900 to $12,500

For complete information on HSA eligibility, High Deductible Insurance Plans, HSA Qualified Expenses and all other aspects of Health Savings Accounts please visit our Health Savings Account Rules site.