Health Savings Account Rules


HSA Contribution Limits 2012

The 2012 HSA Contribution Limits were recently released by the IRS.  There was a slight increase this year for both individuals and families after remaining unchanged in 2011. 

The new contribution limits for Individual HSA Plans will be $3100 which is a $50 increase from 2011 levels.

For Family Plans the new HSA contribution limits will be $6250 or a $100 increase over 2011 levels. 

The HSA Catch Up Provisions for plan owners age 55 or over remains unchanged at $1000.  This means that if the owner has an individual plan they can contribute a maximum of $4100 or $7350 if they are the owner of a family plan.


HSA Contribution Limits are adjusted each year based on the rate of change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Since health care inflation tends to rise at a much faster pace than the CPI it's a bit of a mystery why they chose to index it to the CPI.  However, at least this is better than the original method which limited contributions to the level of your insurance deductible.

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